PR and Blogger Outreach | July 26, 2011

Rethinking the “New Collection” Media Events for Bloggers

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Last week, I received three media event invites to see Christmas collections. I am sorry but it is way too early for my need as a blogger. My editorial mind is on “Back to school”, fall collections and then, Halloween. Really, it is a question of industry. In the fashion industry, bloggers are pleased to attend fashion shows because their readers are curious to know what will be in vogue in two seasons. But it doesn’t fit a home decor nor a mom blogger’s agenda.

I know it because I tested before to talk about Halloween in early September and people ignore these posts. Another issue for a bloggers is that we must produce content for now. Therefore, we do not have the time to write a Christmas post that will be published in a few months.

I understand that brands must present their home Christmas collections in July or August if they wish to appear in print magazines. And I applaud the fact that bloggers are included in what used to be reserved to the traditional media. But PR agencies and brands need to show more flexibility if they want to get the best coverage from us. For PR and communications agencies, it requires more than just educating your clients about the social media backdrop. It requires adjusting the budgets to be able to host two media events per season: an early event for traditional media and a second one for bloggers. Social media is changing the world at every level and your business process must follow.

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