PR and Blogger Outreach | June 22, 2012

I’m a Social Media Troubleshooter!

social media troubleshooter

Over the course of the last five years, I have received plenty of PR pitches. I saw and I participated in many social media campaigns as a lifestyle blogger. I learned from the good and the bad. I started On the Web with Kim Vallee to educate bloggers and brands about the best practices and to help them avoid mistakes.

It is fair to say that I built an invaluable amount of hands-on expertise; thus, I was not surprised when I started receiving requests from brands, from PR agencies and from Advertising Agencies that needed my wisdom and my social media know-how. This is how I started to work as social media consultant.

I was using the expressions “Social Media Strategist” or “Social Media Expert” for lack of a better title. But I was always uneasy with those two titles since they did not capture the essence of what I do.

I bounced ideas off my advisors and my mentor. The solution became clear once I looked at the results. My clients use my services to bulletproof their social media campaigns and their blogger outreach initiatives. The term “Social Media Troubleshooter” was born.

Why I Chose this Title?

First, I believe that I fill a void in the industry. I am sad to report that, besides all the progress that happened over the years, the social media component of many campaigns still feels like an afterthought.  At other times, innovative concepts felt short on execution. For example, just with the Share Button, I notice missed opportunities every day.

Second, I excel at troubleshooting. I have the skills and the right set of mind to do the job. I bring many years of experience in production of both interactive marketing campaigns and social media campaigns. Troubleshooting has always been at the center of my previous careers. I assessed risks as an actuarial associate. I wrote the user manuals, trained and solved user support problems before I became the head of two software quality assurance departments. I also bring to the table a vast experience as a business analyst, a UI designer, and a marketer for CRM and B2C ecommerce applications.

Third, I know how bloggers think, what they need to talk about something and what they care about. I help avoid costly or embarrassing mistakes.

What I Can Do For You?

I aim to bulletproof your social media and blogger outreach initiatives.

At the planning stage, we can bounce ideas off of each other to validate your concept, to check if you meet the written and unwritten rules of social networks, to explore the best ways to approach bloggers or influencers, or to examine what are the best ways to achieve and measure your business goals.

At the execution stage, I make sure that you do not forget important details. I developed a proven methodology for smooth campaign delivery.

If you — or someone you know — plan to launch a remarkable social media campaign, give me a call at 514.316.4436 or send me an email at to discuss how I can bulletproof your project. Location does not matter; there are ways to work around that.

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