Blogging TIPS | July 2, 2012

It’s OK to Take a Break from Social Media and Blogging

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With summer vacation being in full bloom for most, it seems natural to talk about work life balance. My advice is as appropriate whether you are a blogger or an entrepreneur. Schedule your time off. This way you could plan ahead of time what will happen in your absence.

I recall when I started blogging full-time. I passed my day in front of my screen. I wrote several posts a day, commented on other blogs, tweeted and was on Facebook. Plus, I attended many blog-related events a week. This is what bloggers thought was necessary to become an established personal brand. We all did it! I loved every minute of it because it didn’t feel like work. I was surrounded by what I was passionate about; therefore, I did not see the time flies.

Although I have no regrets, I stop doing that. I learned that they are better ways to be as successful.   Not long ago, I met a ex-consultant who told me how happy she was since she found a permanent job. Being her own boss was not for her because she was unable to set work related boundaries. She was unable to say no to clients. She answered, before going to bed, emails that clients would send her at 10 PM. We teach our entrepreneurs and business owners that they must work harder and longer. I say that it is true up to a certain point. Just like bloggers, entrepreneurs must have a life.

In my quest for a better work life balance, I learned that weekends are for me. I am still not good at planning vacation ahead of time. But at least, I have made progress. For one, I do not care that my Klout will go down during my absence. It know that my Klout will raise it again at my return.

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