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3 Simple Tips to Make Your Products More Desirable on the Web

All online stores face this challenge. They all wonder how to convince people to buy their products online. The answer starts with relevant storytelling, a well-defined content strategy and putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

Instead of boring you with lengthily explanations, I will tell you a little brand does it right. Australian-based Bellroy makes wallets for men. Their niche goes deeper than that: they make stylish slim leather wallets. Their range fits different lifestyles. They sell them.

I shopped around the Web for men wallets before writing this post. Believe me when I say that the way that Bellroy presents its products set them apart. For the record, the stylish girl in me deeply wishes that my husband would use one of them.

belroy homepage

The three lessons to remember here are:

1. They don’t waste my time

geolocation good usage

They use geo-location detection technology to inform me right away that they ship in Canada at a reasonable rates. If it was my site, I would have taken it a step further and posted what would be my (fixed) shipping rates.

The homepage directs the visitors to their featured wallets, their entire catalogue or to their simple “Slimming your wallet” guide.

2. The pictures provide useful information

product depicted in everyday situations

They show me guys using the wallets so that I can identity with them. Most importantly, I quickly get an idea of how big each wallet is. On the product page, Bellroy uses pictures and made videos that show me how much I can fit into each wallet. In short, they answer the key questions not just with words but my nice images.

3. They value their retailers

bellroy retailer spotlight

This is my pet peeve with most manufacturing brands. Frankly, I never understood why so many don’t take the time to tell me where I can buy their products.

Bellroy not only provides me with a long stockist list but it also puts the spotlight on a few retailers. A manufacturer could either uses it as a reward program for retailers that buy over an amount and hot boutiques for the targeted market, or charge a promotional fee to be spotlighted.

The next time that you browse your online store, look at it from a buyer viewpoint. It will help you to see what could be improved.

photo credits: Bellroy

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