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Facebook Functions: Hiding Spam Comments and the Edit History on Comments

Today I experienced for the first time, two relatively new Facebook functions.

Edit History on Comments on a Profile Page

new Facebook edited comment feature

It as been a while since Facebook allows us to edit our comments on a profile page. But, today marks the first time I see the word “Edited” below a comment that a friend edited. Everyone can see what you changed. They simply have to click on “Edited” to view the Edit History pop-up screen.

edit history pop-up re: Facebook edited comment feature

Hiding Spam Comments on your Facebook Page

Until today, I never had to use this function on my Facebook page. In the past, I always dealt with spammers by banning them from my page.

new FB hidden as spam

When I moved my cursor towards the little X at the right top corner of every comment, I noticed that Facebook gave me to option to “Hide as spam”. If I feel that hiding as a spam is not enough, I have the choice of deleting the comment, reporting it as abusive or banning the user from my page.

If you leave it as spam, people, including the page administrator(s), will see … (3 little dots) instead of the comment.

I feel this is a valid feature since there might be occasions where a brand would prefer to hide the spam comment and give a chance to the user.  As for this particular incident, I would at worst ban the company, or at best delete the spam comment.

For more information about the Hidden as Spam function, read this tutorial by Social Media Today.

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