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Why Feedly Is the Best Alternative to Google Reader

feedly desktop version

In case that you forgot or that you are unaware, Google Reader is shutting down July 1st, 2013. It has been a while since I opened Google Reader when I recalled that I should do something. Even though I stopped using it, I transfered everything to Feedly out of fear to lost forever all the work that I put in building and organizing my subscriptions. To my surprise, Feedly made me fall in love with my RSS feeds again.

Here is why I became a fan of Feedly.

Painless Transition

You simply connect to your Google reader account and in a matter of seconds, Feedly will have imported your subscriptions organized the way you did it in Google Reader. I didn’t lose my feed categories, nor where I was in my reading.

Awesome Experience

The clean Feedly interface not only looks ten times better than Google Reader, it is more efficient and delivers more options to tailor how I browse the feeds. You can browse your subscriptions in 4 views: title only, magazine (my favorite), card and full post.

More than that, the interface provides a seamless experience. Navigation is simple for the users. For example, Feedly automatically remembers how I like to view each feed category, instead of selecting my preferences through a setting form like I need to do in Facebook.

I start by reviewing the “Today” section, then move to the feed category that most interested me.

Synchronized Mobile Apps –  for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle and more

Having a mobile version that enables me to browse, read and sharing posts quickly is important to maximise what I do with my free time while I am on the run.

mobile app feedly

Like in Google reader, what you read, save and do is automatically synchronized between the iPhone and the Web version. The design of the interface is thought for the screen format.

feedly sharing bar

More Sources of Inspiration

With Flipboard and Pulse that present us the most popular online destinations, we tend to forget other sources, including the smaller blogs that produce quality content. Why go to the trouble to add them to another platform if they are already in your RSS subscriptions?

If you still have to find a replacement for Google Reader, consider Feedly. I don’t think that it will disappoint you.

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