About the Blog and I

On the Web with Kim Vallee is about how bloggers and business could use the Web to grow their brand. It used to be a social media guide for bloggers but I extended the purpose to reflect my overall interest in digital marketing and social technology.

For a living, I specialize in digital strategy, social tech and how to get the most out of the Web.

  • I’m the co-founder of Sidekick Labs, a cutting-edge social tech agency. We deliver strategy, concepts and compelling digital products. A part marketing, a part user experience, a part technology, we have what it takes to make it happen.
  • I also co-founded Joliflow, a visual, social and interest-based editorial management service for bloggers, influencers and brands. We are in stealth mode right now.

I also produce a lifestyle and entertaining blog called At Home with Kim Vallee. Before I started blogging, I worked 15 years in software and Web development. You can say that I am a stylish, girly geek who embraces social media.

The Birth of On the Web with Kim Vallee

Mixing my Web background with running a women-focus home design blog gives me a unique perspective on what is going on inside the blogging community and within social media. People often ask me advices and clues on how to market, grow and improve their blogs. I decided to help more people by sharing my insights and my opinions on what is going on in social media.

The concept of this blog starts from my desires to talk about Women and Social Media. This is the niche I know best after all since I run a women publication. Over the time, the scope evolved to its current formula. On the Web with Kim Vallee explores how a blogger can tap into social media to develop their own brand. Social media offers a wide range of opportunities for bloggers and businesses. It also brings new questions and a need for best practices. That is what we explore here.

Involvement in Social Media

I deeply care about the future of social media. To spread the word, I share easy to follow blogging tips here, on Twitter, on Facebook and at conferences. Plus, I personally help a selected group of women bloggers by mentoring them.

On a personal note, I am married to a wonderful and sexy geek called Jerome Paradis. We have a lovely toddler boy. The three of us share our home with two lively cats.